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$3,580.00 CAD

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APPS SET OF APPS 1 set of apps (14 yds of JR702264A3Y5.N44-1, 22 pcs of motifs JR99838A3Y5.N44-2, 20 pcs of JR99839A3Y5.N44-2, 8 pcs of JR702293A3Y5.N44-1, 7.8 yds of lace ribbon A1354-1 and 7.4 yds of lace B8535E) $1630 APP MOTIF JR702293A3Y5.N44-1 1 piece of motif JR702293A3Y5.N44-1 $40 APP MOTIF JR99838A3Y5.N44-2 (SYMMETRICAL) 1 piece of motif JR99838A3Y5.N44-1 (SYMMETRICAL) $40 APP MOTIF JR99839A3Y5.N44-2 (SYMMETRICAL) 1 piece of motif JR99839A3Y5.N44-2 (SYMMETRICAL) $40 LACE HEM LACE JR702264A3Y5.N44-1 1 yard of hem lace JR702264A3Y5.N44-1 $60 LACE RIBBON LACE A1354-1 1 yard of ribbon lace A1354-1 $20 LACE LACE B8535E 1 yard of lace B8535E $20

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